Dedicated to alleviate poverty in Lebanon

Through the creation of employment opportunities and improvement of living conditions in disadvantaged communities.

  • 10,333

    Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


  • 3,694

    Private Projects

    Benefited from Business Advisory services

  • 700+

    Local Communities


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    Hosting Communities


  • 230

    Agricultural Cooperatives

    Benefited from productive projects

Success Stories

Rabih Kassis was granted an ESFD loan to purchase new machines and equipment for his industry. This loan assisted him in boosting his business and increasing his production, in addition to creating new job opportunities.

Modern Sewing Factory

Rabih Kassis

As a farmer for more than 20 years, Hussein had a passion to expand his orchards in Bekaa. He benefited from an ESFD loan that enabled him to increase his productions by improving and developing his own irrigation networks.

Lebanese Farmer

Hussein Hassid

Ghenwa Daher’s dream was to launch her private business and to be one of the women entrepreneurs. The ESFD loan enabled her to accomplish her dream, expand her business and increase her profits.

Arts & Photography Atelier

Ghenwa Daher

The ESFD succeeded in establishing the Agricultural Center in Al Boustan for the value of EUR 320, 000 funded by the EU. This project has enhanced the living conditions of the cluster’s residents by strengthening the local economy and productivity.

Improving living conditions in Al Boustan Cluster



The ESFD constructed a Maternity and Child Health Center in the community of Mishmish- Akkar. More than 8,000 residents benefit from the Center on a yearly basis, including women, children and elderly.

Promoting health conditions in Mishmish- Akkar

The ESFD helped rehabilitate an old and historical borehole in Ain Ebel village. An irrigation network of 6,5 km was also installed in order to irrigate downstream fields. This project improved agricultural infrastructure in the region.

Reviving Agricultural sector and preserving cultural heritage in Ain Ebel

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Execution of two projects for solar-powered systems in Ablah, Beit Chama-Al Aqidiya and Hawsh Al-Rafiqa

July 2023

Launching the second phase of the accelerated vocational training for youth

July 2023

Training sessions on food quality and safety at Muhaidtha Rashaya- West Bekaa

February 2023

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Launching the second phase of the accelerated vocational training for youth

July 2023

Report about signature of Cooperation agreement with Water Establishments in the South and Bekaa

November 2022

Signature of Cooperation agreement with Water Establishments in the South and Bekaa

November 2022


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Lebanon: Green Agri-Food Transformation for Economic Recovery-GATE

May 2023

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Implementation of waste water treatment units &Solar PV systems for industrial enterprises in Bekaa,Lebanon/Lot no1: Provision of Solar PV Systems for 16 industries in the Bekaa &Lot no2: Provision of Wastewater Treatment plants for 8 industries in Bekaa


Lebanese Government

The Lebanese Government has funded the ESFD with EUR 6 million.

European Union

The European Union has funded the ESFD with more than EUR 63 million since 2000.

Netherlands Government

The Government of the Netherlands has funded the ESFD with EUR 7.5 million.


The ESFD continues to prove itself as an appreciated example of the successful partnership between the EU and the CDR, and a model admired on both the national and international levels.

Mr. Nabil El Jisr
Council for Development & Reconstruction- CDR President, 2013

The ESFD’s employees are extremely committed, with good financial management and accountable system. Employees are very well trained, also they know what they are doing… I encourage other donors, members of the European Union, to work with ESFD, because they really need it and they deserve it.

H.E. Mrs. Angelina Eichhorst
Former Head of EC Delegation in Lebanon, 2011

ESFD is considered by the EU and many other donors as one of the very best projects in Lebanon.

H.E. Mr. Patrick Laurent
Former Head of EC Delegation in Lebanon, 2008