About ESFD

Dedicated to alleviate poverty in Lebanon

through the creation of employment opportunities and Improvement of living conditions in disadvantaged communities.

ESFD Mission & Vision


The Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD) is a governmental body dedicated to alleviate poverty in Lebanon through the creation of employment opportunities and through the improvement of living conditions in disadvantaged communities.


The ESFD strives to eliminate poverty, provide access to affordable and adequate social services, reduce unemployment, and advocate for a balanced, pro-poor, and equitable economic growth in Lebanon. To that end, the ESFD aims to eventually become an independent public institution with a leading role in social development in Lebanon, within a framework of coordinated efforts by the public sector, the business sector and civil society.


The ESFD reaches out to the poor through systematic and sustainable partnerships with competent intermediaries (Banks, Municipalities, NGOs and others). The ESFD aims at alleviating poverty and mitigating the social impact of the economic transition on disadvantaged groups through complementary and targeted actions: Job Creation, Community Development and Infrastructure. The ESFD is under implementation since June 11, 2002.

Creating Jobs

The ESFD aims at the creation of employment opportunities through the provision of financial and non-financial services to small and medium enterprises. Loans are provided to improve access to finance for productive and sustainable activities with significant impact on poverty alleviation. Business Development Services (BDS) are provided to ensure the viability and sustainability of submitted projects.

Improving Living Conditions

The Community Development and Infrastructure Component at the ESFD improves basic living conditions through expanded economic opportunities and enhanced access to social services. The CDI component provides financial and technical assistance for the implementation of priority projects as identified through a participative process.


Since 2000

The Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD) is part of the Euro-Med Partnership established between the European Commission (EC) and the Republic of Lebanon in November 2000.

The Lebanese Council of Ministers, in its decisions No. 3 dated 25/8/1999 and No. 34 dated 10/10/2000, entrusted the President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) with the responsibility of managing and implementing the ESFD as an autonomous, permanent, efficient and sustainable institution according to the rules stipulated in the Financing Agreement LBN/B7-4100/IB/99/0225.


Lebanese Government

The Lebanese Government has funded the ESFD with EUR 6 million.

European Union

The European Union has funded the ESFD with more than EUR 63 million since 2000.

Netherlands Government

The Government of the Netherlands has funded the ESFD with EUR 7.5 million.

The Team

The ESFD has a lean management structure and a highly qualified professional team who is managing a portfolio of more than Euros 61 million funds.
+ Managing Director Office
Mr. Haitham Omar
Managing Director
Mrs. Lea Fares
Senior Administrative Assistant
+ Job Creation Unit
Mrs. Racha Chahine
Senior Deputy Director/ Job Creation Manager
Mr. Patrick Atme
Job Creation Operations Manager
Mr. Helmi Hage
Senior Internal Controls Officer
Mrs. Dina Barakat
Senior Evaluation & Risk Officer/ Internal Auditor
Mr. Khalil Al Hajj Sleiman
Job Creation Analyst
Mr. Maroun Aouad
Junior Job Creation Analyst
Ms. Lamia Hayek
Job Creation Admin Assistant
+ Finance and Administration Unit
Mr. Nouhad Khalife
Finance and Administrative Manager
Mr. Michel El Rayess
Senior Accountant
Mr. Elias Maalouf
Mrs. Ferial Abdallah
Human Resources and Administration
Mrs. Ornina Slim
+ Procurement Unit
Ms. Ghada Zeaiter
Procurement Manager
Mr. Oussama Bondak
Senior Procurement Officer
Mrs. Joelle Haddad
Procurement Officer
+ Community Development & Infrastructure Unit
Ms. Dima Sader
Community Development & Infrastructure Manager
Mr. Anas Mroueh
Senior Programme Officer
Ms. Rima Antrazi
Senior Community Development Officer
Ms. Souad Chalhoub
Senior Community Development Officer
Mr. Mohamad Arabi
Senior Local Development Expert
Ms. Alia Abbas
Community Development Officer
Mr. Pierre Kallas
Community Development Officer
Mr. Mohamad Omar
Project Officer
Mr. Mohamad Atwi
Community Development Officer
Mrs. Layal Ramadan
Project Assistant

+ Engineering Unit
Mr. Fadi Hamd
Chief Engineer/ Technical Manager
Mrs. Lama El Chouwani
Project Assistant
Mr. Robert Daoud
Team Leader
Mr. Ralph Kalache
Civil Engineer
+ PR and Communication Unit
Mrs. Diana Lahoud
Public Relations and Communication Officer
+ MIS Unit
Mr. Bassam Nassar
MIS Officer
+ Legal Affairs
Mr. Raed El Najjar
Legal Advisor
+ Drivers
Mr. Samir Abdel Rahman
Mr. Imad El Khatib
Mr. Elias Lahoud
Mr. Ali Fares