Local Economies

Promoting productive economy at the local level  

Working at the Grass root level through a participatory approach is a key strategic objective for ESFD

Promoting Agricultural Cooperatives

Providing equipment and supplies to cooperatives

Improving water management and agro-chain sector

Providing Extension Programs

Enhancing employment opportunities for Youth

Implementing accelerated vocational training

Improving Agricultural Infrastructure

Construction of hill lakes, irrigation canals and rehabilitation of springs


Promoting the productive role of Agricultural Cooperatives
Cooperatives are job creators, viable boosters of local economies, and vehicles for social inclusion and community development. In close coordination with the General Directorate of Cooperatives, the ESFD supported 42 Cooperatives in the sectors of beekeeping, fishery, and olive production, to Improve their value chain, with a budget of EUR 1.4 million. The ESFD also trained these cooperatives on how to improve their strategic planning and fundraising. View more

Enhancing Agricultural Infrastructure
The ESFD supports initiatives to improve the agricultural infrastructure in several communities in the North, Akkar, Bekaa, Baalbeck-Hermel, Mount Lebanon, South and Nabatiyeh, in the aim of improving access to irrigation water. So far, EUR 3.2 million has been allocated to implement hill lakes, irrigation canals, solar powered irrigation systems, and rehabilitation of Springs. View more

Implementing Extension Programs
The ESFD is keen to disseminate awareness and to empower farmers on the acquisition of new techniques related to pruning, post harvesting and water management. The ESFD targeted around 500 farmers cultivating apple, cherry and olive in 46 communities, in a pilot project amounting to EUR 250,000. View more

Projects Distribution by Sector

Promoting Agricultural Cooperatives
Improving water management and agro-chain sector
Enhancing employment opportunities for Youth
Improving Agricultural Infrastructure

Geographical Distribution by Governorate

Financing Local Economis Projects



About 790,000

Communities benefited till now

The Local Economies Program targets the most vulnerable areas all over the Lebanese territory