The Economic and Social Fund for Development - ESFD and Maurice Hobeika Company for Trade and Agriculture organized a ceremony to distribute certificates for the first batch of farmers who participated in the agricultural extension program in the field of integrated water resources management, and they included 84 farmers from Batter, Maasser Al-Chouf and Barouk villages.

This training falls within the agricultural extension program implemented by the ESFD and funded by the European Union, which targets about 520 farmers distributed in about 46 towns, in the Danniyeh, West Baalbek, Jabal Amel, Upper Chouf regions, in addition to Hermel and Akkar. This project is being implemented in cooperation with Maurice Hobeika, in relation to Integrated Water Resources Management and Debbane Agriculture, with issues related to raising the productivity of the cherry and apple groves.

This program aims to contribute at raising the standard of living in agricultural areas, increasing the level of income and creating job opportunities, through increasing agricultural production efficiency for farmers and improving the quality of production to suit the requirements of local and foreign markets, in addition to motivating farmers to make optimal use of natural resources and maintain the environmental balance.