The Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD) has successfully concluded a training session on the public procurement law for the employees of municipalities, unions of municipalities and public administrations in South Lebanon, in coordination with Basil Fuleihan Financial and Economic Institute and the administration of Judge Elie Maalouf. The training was held in Shqif Union of Municipalities, Nabatiyeh Governorate, hall of Journalist Abbas Badr El-Din.

In the presence of the trainees, the closing ceremony was attended by Dr. Hassan Fakih the commissioned Governor of Nabatieh, who praised the efforts of the trainers, the perseverance of the trainees and the significance of the training with the inauguration of the new public procurement law to provide the highest standards of transparency in public procurement processes, administrative efficiency and preservation of public funds. As for the President of Shqif Union of Municipalities Dr. Mohammad Jaber who attended the ceremony, he greeted the trainees in their quest to acquire the required skills, as well as the efforts and fruitful cooperation with the ESFD in several activities. The ESFD team leader Mr. Mohammad Arabi praised the attention of the trainees, the vitality of the discussions and the willingness to learn and benefit from the skills, knowledge and experiences of the trainer in order to improve the services provided by the involved municipalities and unions.

Worth of mention that the training activity which covered the area of Baalbeck Unions of Municipalities and West Baalbeck, as well as Central Bekaa, Al Beheira, Al-Sahel, Zahle and East Zahle, Al Shqif and Tyre, is only a part of the project aiming at developing the institutional capacities of the Unions of Municipalities located within the Litani area. This activity falls within the framework of the local development program funded by the European Union to keep pace with the efforts of the Lebanese State in treating the Litani pollution and enhancing social stability.