The ESFD is currently implementing an EU funded programme "The Local Development Program along the Litani River Basin". Which aims at enhancing the efforts of the Lebanese government to address the negative effects of the degradation of natural resources in the Litani River basin and the deterioration of the living conditions of local communities in this geographic region, by working to enhance the capabilities of the relevant official institutions and municipal associations, in addition to improving social and economic conditions, creating jobs and reducing industrial and agricultural pollution.

Within this framework, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Managing Director of the ESFD- Mr. Haitham Omar, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Authority of the Litani River - Dr. Sami Alawiya on Wednesday June 26, 2019 in the presence of representatives of the European Commission in Beirut.

This memorandum aims at achieving joint cooperation between the two parties in order to protect the water resources in the Litani River Basin by enhancing the capabilities of the Litani Authority related to its coordination role in the Basin Governance Sector and providing technical support by the ESFD, within the objectives of the program "Local Development along the Litani River Basin".