The ESFD completed the execution of two projects of solar-powered systems with a capacity of 51 kwp on the wastewater treatment plant in Ablah, and with a capacity of 102 kwp on the artesian well which is serving Beit Chama-Al Aqidiya and Hawsh Al-Rafiqa.

In this regard, a field visit was organized in the presence of representatives from the; EU, Bekaa Water Establishment, West Bekaa Union of Municipalities, Municipality of Beit Chama – Al Aqidiya, and Bekaa Governor acting as  Chargée d’Affaires of Municipality of Ablah.

These projects fall under a series of development projects that are being implemented by the ESFD within the framework of the EU-funded "Local Development Programme along the Litani River Basin- LRB", aiming at reducing the operation cost of water facilities.