The ESFD launched the Rehabilitation of the main irrigation system project in Ain Ebel- South Lebanon, in the presence of the European Union representative- Mr. Jose Luis Santa Maria, ESFD’s Managing Director the director- Mr. Haitham Omar, and the mayor of Ain Ebel- Mr. Imad Allous. Media coverage was highly achieved in addition to press releases and documented reports.

The project includes rehabilitation of the archaeological site of the town, the pool of water collection, and the construction of a new reservoir, in addition to the construction of about 4,645 linear meters of irrigation networks to supply agricultural lands located in the vicinity of Al Ain with gravity irrigation. The ceremony included the distribution of certificates to 30 farmers who participated in practical and theoretical training on integrated water resources management and supplementary irrigation of olives.

The project, which amounted to approximately 260,000 euros, was completed in June 2019 and falls within the framework of the EU Funded program “Reviving Local Economies in Lebanon-RELOC”, which is implemented by the ESFD.