Rehabilitation of irrigation canals in Denniyeh villages and distribution of training certificates to farmers

October 2019

The Economic and Social Development Fund (ESFD) implemented a project for rehabilitation of irrigation canals in the villages of Denniyeh Union - North Lebanon, funded by the European Union.

The project includes the construction and rehabilitation of about 6,000 linear meters of irrigation canals in 10 villages, which contributes to the provision of irrigation water on a regular basis, and increase the cultivated areas and thus strengthen the agricultural sector. The project, which was valued at around 500,000 euros, was completed in 2018 and benefits about 10,000 farmers living in the area.

The ESFD also distributed certificates to 102 farmers from the villages of Denniyeh who participated in practical and theoretical training on integrated water resources management and improving apple productivity, in cooperation with Debbane Agriculture Company.