Signature of memorandum of understanding between the ESFD and the Union of Municipalities of East Zahle.
This cooperation aims at exchanging skills and experiences between the two parties, as the ESFD assists the Union in planning and evaluating the resources and needs, elaborating all public projects of a general nature and granting them the necessary support for their development and modernization and the joint endeavor to secure the necessary funding to complete them. In addition to setting and implementing development and training programs and developing the capabilities of the union and the municipalities in the field of strategic planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating projects within the limits of the available financial and logistical capabilities.
The ESFD and the Union shall also coordinate and cooperate with the local authorities (municipalities), cooperatives, governmental and non-governmental bodies and all donors and international organizations in the area of the Union of Municipalities of East Zahle for the purpose of developing general economic, social and development projects in it.