The ESFD, in cooperation with "Khayal for Education and Arts", implemented a "Theater for Development" activity with the aim of supporting young people within the town of Mhamara in Akkar and developing their skills in the field of theater work, with funding from the European Union.

Through this project, the ESFD aimed at supporting the host communities of Syrian refugees to alleviate the existing tensions and provide the minimum acceptance of the other. This project was extend over a period of 8 months, in which the participants were trained to write realistic stories that simulate daily life and turn them into interactive scenes that were reflected through the theatrical performance of the  existing reality written by the participants. This intensive training had a clear positive impact in terms of building and developing participants' personal and cognitive capabilities. In addition, the participants were able to develop their skills in theater writing and sound expression.

As for the topics covered during the experimental presentations, they played an active role in softening / or / moderating people's thinking, as the topics touched on sensitive life issues such as mixed marriage, education, gender difference, and other issues ...

The final performance was presented by the participants on Friday 02/11/2018 in Mhamara village, in the presence of representatives of the European Union and the ESFD team, in addition to personalities and residents from the region, as well as school students in the town and the neighborhood.