Within the framework of the EU-funded programme “Reviving Local Economies in Lebanon-RELOC” implemented by the ESFD, the ESFD inaugurated the modern olive press in the village of Yohmor Al-Chqif - Nabatiyeh District, in the presence of the General Director of Cooperatives Mrs. Gloria Abu Zaid and Representative of the General National Union of Cooperative Associations in Lebanon, Mr. Ghassan Menhem, President of the Agricultural Cooperative Association in Yohmor Al-Chqif, Mr. Nasser Ollaik, members of the Lebanese cooperatives and female activists.

The project includes equipping the cooperative with a centrifuge for olive oil production with a capacity of 1.8 tons and a value of 48,270 thousand euros to complete the existing production line. This contributes in developing and reducing the cost of production, improving the quality of oil, increasing sales and raising the level of income, thus creating almost 20 new job opportunities in addition to generalization of interest and cooperation between the cooperative's 64 members and the farmers.

This project is one of the winning projects in the competition for the best cooperative project within the framework of the productive cooperatives support program implemented in close cooperation with the General Directorate of Cooperatives in Lebanon and in full coordination with the General National Union of Lebanese Cooperative Associations.